Meet a Few Horses


The highest decorated horse in the barn is also the barns stately Matriarch.  At 29 years of age, Irene is now retired with a long list of awards.  Irene was awarded the Legion of Excellence, which is the highest award given to Half Arabian by the Arabian Horse Association.  She was given this award for her numerous wins in Costume.  Costume is a class in which the rider and the horse dress in attire representing the Middle East, then speed around the arena.  It is a favorite class to watch and everyone loved to watch Irene.  Before Irene’s retirement, she taught many kids how to ride and took many to shows.  We all feel a deep deep affection and respect for Irene, as she has achieved so much.  C&G is so very proud of our girl, Goodnight Irene.


We couldn’t live in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and not have a horse named Steeler. Steeler was born at C&G during one of the runs for the Super Bowl, and by the way, Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl that year. Steeler is the “goofball” of the barn. He loves life and everyone and everything in it. If he could, Steeler would follow you home, walk in your door and curl up on your couch. Steeler is also very beautiful and talented. He has a trot that just floats.   “Here we go Steeler, here we go!”.


Kimmy is our dignified lady of the barn.  She has long flowing mane and tail that gives her that look.  When it’s time to work, Kimmy is ready to go and gives it her all.  She is a beautiful mover and delightful to watch.  When work is over and she returns to her stall, she becomes quite a dignified lady once again.  Hats off M’ Lady!


Every kid should have a horse like Dixie.  The best thing about Dixie is that she is extremely trustworthy.  Rain, wind, loud noises, umbrellas, firecrackers, plastic bags, you name it and Dixie will just keep jogging around the arena.  She is kind, gentle, and never has a bad day.  All of this and wrapped up in a pretty Pinto package too.  We love Dixie Doodlebug.

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