The western  classes require the horse and rider to work together and to resemble how cowboys used to ride on a trail.  The horse and rider must continually rely on one another to move with grace and fluidity.



The traditional style of forward seat English riding. Hunter Pleasure and Hunt Seat Equitation are two classic examples of flat work in this discipline.


Saddle Seat

The goal of the Saddle Seat riding style is to  show off the horse's extravagant gaits, particularly the trot. In the United States, there sometimes is confusion between saddle seat and hunt seat disciplines among individuals who are neither familiar with different styles of English saddle nor the substantial differences in rider position and attire between the disciplines.

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1. Trust where else can a 60 lb. child or 135 lb. adult control a 1,000 lb. horse? The rider must learn to trust the horse will keep her safe and the horse must trust as the rider climbs on his back, that the person won’t hurt him. Trusting each other is a huge step in bonding with your horse.

2. Forgiving nothing is perfect when riding a horse. Both rider and horse can make mistakes. Horse and rider learn to forgive each other’s mistakes.

3. Responsibility – caring for a 1,000 lb. the animal takes a lot of work. There is grooming, exercising, feeding, cleaning out the stall (ugh), and of course, although not work, loving the horse. Yes, even horses need love. If this isn’t done, well you know what happens as a horse can’t take care of himself. A lot more work in taking care of a horse than a dog or cat.

4. Keeping in shape – riding gives a great cardiovascular workout. It promotes good posture, muscle strength, balance, motor skills, and coordination.

5. Confidence – controlling a 1,000 lb. animal to walk, turn, trot, and canter will certainly give you a strong sense of confidence.

6. Increases Socialization – making new friends in the barn includes other students, barn staff and most importantly, your trainer. Many barn buddies, remain friends for life, even being in each other’s weddings. Maybe at some point, you might want to compete in a horse show. The horse show community is very social and FUN! You meet people from other States and get to talk about what else, horses. Kids even play “horse” at horse shows, go figure It’s family!!!


With all these incredible benefits and many more, maybe it’s time for you or your child to saddle up, climb on a horse and ride. If you would love too but don’t know how to let C&G Ranch help you. Give us a call ( see Contact Us) and sign up for a lesson.





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