Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, north of downtown Pittsburgh, PA, lies the picturesque C & G Ranch.

Butler County, horse Ranch


Owner's Cheri and Gus Pagonis

       After spending 29 years in the Army, 30 moves, and another 10 years in Chicago, it was time for Cheri and Gus to return to their roots in picturesque Western Pennsylvania.  However, it was a question of “now what and where do we want to live”?  Cheri grew up on a farm (but knew she didn’t want to go that route), loved the outdoors and country life and always dreamed of designing their forever home.  Her very generous husband, Gus, told her she could have whatever she wanted, as she had followed him around all those years.  She spent a year looking at previously built homes, land and even farms.  Then… she stumbled on a listing that showed a turquoise house and barn.  Ummm, well that did look interesting.  It took Cheri and her realtor Jill, 4 hours to locate this turquoise house and barn.  Cheri walked into the arena of the barn, and told Jill “this is it, this is what I want.”  Jill just gave her the look of disbelief and said, “I know Gus told you that you could buy whatever you wanted, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean a horse ranch.”  After telling Gus about the ranch, he asked her what she knew about horses.  She answered, “nothing, but I’ll learn and you can do the books.”  Gus said he didn’t think it was a good idea, but we all know he changed his mind, and C&G Ranch was born.  It proved to be a fantastic decision as it was just exactly what Cheri and Gus wanted in their forever home.